small-batch coffee roasting


              We wanted a coffee roaster that would give us enough capacity to be efficient while be small enough to take advantage of coffee beans that were not widely available. Roasting small batches with a higher frequency also ensures freshness. We sell directly to individuals and partner with some community businesses to distribute and serve Rad coffee. 

     Since installing our roaster in our shop in Kent, WA, we have been having way too much fun creating roasts and combinations of beans.  We have loved getting to know customers through coffee tastings around town. We are excited about the community partnerships we have been developing in the area and building our base of Rad Roasting coffee drinkers. 

      Rad Roasting wants to provide high quality product and superior customer service at a price that is good for everyone.  

      One great aspect of such a small operation is being able to meet clients' needs in creative ways. Rad Roasting has worked with folks in ways ranging from  providing beans to organizations for their fundraising activities to creating customized mini-bags of coffee for wedding favors

    Please contact us if you have any questions or if you have a need Rad Roasting might be able to fill.


this is matt

So handsome!

So handsome!

    Matt Chipps grew up southeast of Seattle in Covington, WA and attended Kentwood High School. He started working in the coffee industry as a barista in 2000 to help pay his tuition to Washington State University (Go Cougs!).

After graduating, Matt remained in the coffee business and became the store manager at The Spotted Cow in Bothell, WA. It was at the Cow, in 2005, where he learned the art of coffee roasting. 

  In sojourns back to Kent, WA and its surrounding areas, Matt noticed a deficit in the availability of local, high quality coffee. In 2011, Matt and his father, Geoff, decided to join forces to address this problem. Rad Roasting Coffee Company was born to bring small-batch, artisan-roasted coffee to the good people and businesses nearby Kent, WA and wherever fresh coffee is needed. You can find Rad Roasting at these awesome establishments or you can have them mailed right to you in the bright blue bag.

Matt's favorite roast is Aviator, served piping hot in his favorite mug. When he is not roasting coffee, Matt can be found adoring his puppy, Waffles, playing soccer or volleyball, or considering surf lessons. 

Geoff loves iced coffee (cold-brewed Carmen Sandiego beans), with a touch of cream and a little sweetener. When he is not talking about or drinking coffee, you are likely to find Geoff kayaking, admiring his granddaughter,  perusing yard sales, or grilling on his deck. 

Customer service at Rad Roasting cannot be rivaled. Stop by the shop to see, hear and smell the roaster in action, chat with Matt and Geoff, and try some brews. If you are not nearby, order some beans to be delivered to your door,