Cupping and tasting

When we first got in the business we had a lot of focus on cupping as purchasers of green beans. Now our focus is to offer tasting to our customers. What's the difference you ask?  One way to think of it is cupping is designed to discover the weakness of a particular crop. This is done by making a very blond roast in order to taste all the flavors that may or may not show up in a darker roast. This is done to grade the coffee and to describe it's attributes. 

Tasting on the other hand is for the retail customer to find the particular variety, blend and roast to match the taste of that particular individual or group. Cupping is a job, albiet a joyful one, tasting is a pleasure. That is why our tasting room is open every weekday morning from 930 to 1 so that you can come and find your coffee for you. You're invited.