Another Satisfied Customer

It was our delight this morning to meet Jeb Ulrich who recently moved to the area but works in the charter fishing industry in Anchorage Alaska. He said the biggest halibut they ever caught was in the 350 pound range. Needless they had to shoot it before putting it in the boat.

He is a fan of darker roasts so we went through a full city, a French roast, and an Italian roast. He liked all of them stating, "This is the best coffee in the state of Washington." Then settled on Carmen San Diego a French roast. We really like to focus on pinpointing the roast of choice in our tasting room as it seems that personal roast trumps origin or blend when it comes to coffee taste satisfaction. 

Drop in sometime and let us help you figure out your roast of choice any weekday from 9:30 am to 1 pm, bring a friend.