Coffee and war

Being kind of peaceful folks it takes us aback to think of how coffee figures into war and violence. When you ponder the history of coffee there is a lot of nasty stuff that led to the development of the coffee culture. From the beginning the transport of coffee from equatorial Africa to Ethiopia and eventually Yemen was associated with the violent slave trade. Seems that coffee berries were a staple for the long walk north of the slave caravans, the seeds were shall we say deposited near the caravan route and eventually the Arabica plants thrived in the higher elevations and were eventually used for a beverage. When the Turks attempted to conquer Vienna and lost they left behind coffee, this was the beginning of the Vienna coffee tradition. Our revolution pushed Americans to use coffee rather than tea as their morning beverage to stick it to the British with their tea tax. Then our civil war did a lot to further the popularity of the beverage. We're not sure how we feel about all of this, but maybe if some good comes from a bad thing we should honor the pain and suffering that went into the birth of such a great beverage.