Another Satisfied Customer

Bob Craven has been our customer from almost the start. He saw our advertisement when we had our grand opening. Being drawn to local sources he and his spouse dropped in. He states that once having experienced our brew he never looked back and in the three plus years of our existence he has only purchased coffee from another supplier on one occasion!!


Bob was a guy who did not show much interest as a child and even a young man in Oregon.  He recalls wondering how something that smell so good could taste so bad. After he graduated and went into foreign service he was, however, sent to Italy.. He says after his first cup in an Italian espresso bar he recalls stating, "Oh so that's what it's all about."


He states that as early as 1970 he had an on the counter espresso machine. He has been on a sort of journey starting with the coffee that will remain nameless, then discovering Green River Coffee, which at that time was roasted in a residential garage. He says their coffee was good but the neighbors began complaining about the aroma and so they moved. He then went to Tulley's and finally arrived at Rad.


Bob has been about as loyal a customer as one can imagine.  We feel loyal to him as well.