How do I love coffee making? Let me count the ways

It gives one pause to contemplate all the different ways to prepare coffee. Let's not get into the growing and processing the green beans, save that for another day. This topic is confined to just different methods of brewing coffee. Let's see how many come to mind; French Press, espresso, percolator, flat filter drip, Melita drip, coffee sock, cowboy coffee, Scandinavian egg technique, cold pressed, Keurig and the Turkish technique . Well that's a start. Our opinion is while we prefer some methods most have their time and place. We like French press, some concern is suggested that very small amounts of chemicals can contribute to health concerns with this method. We avoid this and make it easier to clean the pots by scooping the grounds from the surface of the pot before pushing the plunger down. It seems that the most popular method nowadays is the system of filtering coffee either in a flat bottom Mr. Coffee type filter or the cone shaped Melita variety.  It makes a mediocre cup of coffee, but the ease of making it (especially for multiple people), combined with the programmable aspect makes this a common and easy way of brewing coffee. We favor filter techniques that deposit the brew into a thermos such as an air pot or some of the stainless steel coffee pots, it helps to put hot water in the thermos before brewing to keep the coffee at optimum heat. The heating elements can sort of concentrate coffee over time which creates a substance which might be better for removing varnish than ingestion. Cold press is good for iced drinks, coffee flavored beer and for those who do not prefer the oils and or acid in the coffee. The cowboy variety, that is just pouring hot water over the grounds and drinking around them is something one does when out camping and finding you left your coffee gear at home. The best way, in our opinion, to make coffee while hiking is the coffee sock. This is a muslin bag attached to a wire loop. One places the grounds in the bag and places it in the cup and pours the hot water into the bag and then after four minutes or so you simply lift the bag, give it a little twist and coffee is good to go. Then we get to Keurig cups, we I know it is convenient but damn is it a terrible way to live. The coffee was roasted and grinded a decade ago, you pay twice as much per cup, its a very week cup of coffee and here we are in a day and age where waste my be our doom and we are sending these cups to landfills while not enjoying our terrible coffee. No thanks, spend a little more time of your day and make some coffee, and enjoy it, that is a much better way to start the day. There are many other great ways to make coffee. I suggest you experiment a little, find what you like, and go with it. Unless its Keurig....gross.