Our first post: Cold Pressed Coffee

So after much procrastination and avoidance we now begin our adventure into the blogosphere. If a person waits around until they know what they are doing they would never figure out what they are doing so here goes. Maybe we will get some helpful feedback and eventually master the craft

Our first notion is to approach all the different ways of making coffee. Each has it's pluses and minuses and perhaps there is a specific time or use for each approach. Let's start with cold brewed coffee.

Cold brewed or cold pressed coffee is just that, made cold. The advantage is you get coffee without the oils or the acid. The disadvantage is it takes all night and you still have to do something with the product once it's prepared. You see it creates a concentrate that is added to hot or cold liquid to complete the brew. 

Our interest with cold brewed coffee was, at first, developed when Larry's Brew Supply contacted us. Coffee flavored beer is a current focus of attention for home brewers and micro breweries. The oil in coffee made with hot water keeps beer from forming a good head and the acid does not always mix well with other beer flavors. Once we got started on marketing our coffee to local brewers other uses of cold pressed coffee became evident. One is to use it as a concentrate and just add hot water. Apparently in some areas of South America when coffee is ordered in an eatery one is given a pot of hot water and a cruet of cold brewed concentrate to mix to taste. It makes a flavorful and smooth drink and each person can make their cup of coffee to their own taste. Another use of cold pressed coffee is to make ice coffee. This removes the necessity of adding hot liquid to the ice, milk, and any flavoring one might want in an ice coffee and gives a non acid taste for the brew. Finally cold pressed coffee is a concentrate so when one is backpacking or traveling one can carry a better product than most instant coffees. You can even take one of our bags and combine coarse ground coffee with water in the bag to make a concentrate, filter it and discard the bag if you are camping or traveling. 


We wonder about peoples experiences with cold pressed coffee. If you decide to make some just use coarse ground coffee, a little under two ounces for each cup of water and let it sit overnight. This can be done in a French press or in another container and poured through a coffee filter.