New Year's

Well well well, looks like we almost used up 2014 and will soon have 2015 to deal with. Will this be the year Seattle wins the super bowl and gets into the world series and gets a brand spanking new basketball  team? All things to hope for but that cannot be foreseen. A lot of things go through the brain at this time of year. Taking stock of what just happened, figuring out what to do next, that sort of thing. Here at Rad we just keep on roasting and getting better at what we do. We have a couple of specialty coffees out right now; Rad Nosed Reindeer, and our whiskey coffee; green beans aged in a recently decanted whiskey barrel and roasted. We have a very small quantity of this at 15 dollars for 12 ounces.  Shipping is extra on this one. Mostly what we want for next year is to enhance the coffee experience for more and more people. Here's hoping you all have a fresh local and delicious new year.