A better French press

Two problems with the French press are, all the grounds on the bottom of the container and some chemicals that one might want to have less of. 

Cleaning French presses is not the high point of anyone's coffee making experience to our knowledge, although I am sure there is someone out there who likes it, the exception that makes the rule as it were. Let's face it that huge mass of frothy grounds at the bottom of the pot is just the price one pays for the excellent experience of drinking freshly pressed coffee. Oh and by the way if it does not froth up it might mean your coffee is getting a little old. 


There are also some small amounts of chemicals that might increase the probability of some rare cancers. We have never seen a study that directly links drinking pressed coffee with an upsurge in illness, but.....

A solution to both of these problems is to scoop before you press. After pouring  your just under boiling water and waiting 4 or 5 minutes spoon off the frothy grounds from the surface of the coffee. You will also be spooning off the chemicals you don't want for health as well as some bitter oils that don't do much for your coffee drinking experience. We think this makes a better cup of Joe and an easier mess to clean up.