Three things to improve your coffee experience

One of our many motto's is "Life is too short to drink bad coffee." Here are three simple things to make your coffee experience better.

1) Grind it just before you make it. Some say, "Don't stop to smell it after grinding." The aromatics in coffee start dissipating once released by the grinding process. The flavor drops by the minute.

2)  Get freshly roasted coffee. It doesn't seem that coffee packaging requires experation dates. It's hard to figure out when it was roasted and how long it laid around between being roasted and being packaged. Modern coffee packages with a one way valve and can hold full flavor for about three months. Once the bag is opened it can stay at peak for about a week. This is one of the reasons it's good to know your roaster. 

3)  Drink Arabica coffee. Although there appears to be an agressive breeding movement for Robusta coffee due to climate changes effects on growing areas. Perhaps one day we will be discussing the merits of new breeds Robusta and where it was grown etc. In the meantime drink Aribica.